Aternus is an “arts cooperative” consisting of accomplished and recognized creative and performing artists who seek a 21st-Century paradigm for public performance based upon transparency, fairness and a commitment to each other. We believe that art comes before self, and we stand together to promote and nurture the classical arts. As a primary means of human expression, we believe that the performing arts are integral to a society that values beauty and civility.

Aternus can be anything . . . from a duo to a large symphony orchestra. Programming can and will extend beyond music to include dance, theater, film and the visual and literary arts. We value the synergy that comes from inter-disciplinary projects, and our repertoire will reflect a broad spectrum of artistic styles, with a special emphasis on contemporary works. While we will look to individuals and corporations for support, encouragement and performances, we will not consider ourselves to be members of a public charity. Collectively we seek opportunities that will allow Aternus and its artists to thrive.

Aternus is the Latin name for the Aterno River in the Abruzzo Region of East-Central Italy. The river forms high in the mountains and eventually empties into the Adriatic Sea. It symbolizes the continuum of human existence, as well as the unlimited possibilities that lie before us.

Larry Alan Smith, Artistic Director

January 1, 2013


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