Presenting Aternus

Aternus is based in Connecticut, but the ensemble is available for performances and tours both nationally and internationally.


We encourage you to include Aternus in your programming.  Please note: We do not use a cookie-cutter approach, and you will not be forced to accept past programs that may have served someone else’s needs.  Each program is developed in consultation with the presenter in order to create a memorable and meaningful site-specific performance.  We specialize in new and rarely performed works, but our programs are always balanced with standard repertoire.  This style of programming allows the new or rarely performed work(s) to be highlighted in a way that showcases our composers and pleases our audiences.


Have you ever wanted to host a concert for your friends?  You do not need to be a nobleman or noblewoman from the 18th or 19th century in order to make that happen!  Aternus can adapt to the size of your location, and we can provide an entertaining program that will delight your invited guests.

How much will it cost to present Aternus?

The cost involved depends entirely upon the size of the ensemble.  As an “arts cooperative,” the fees paid to Aternus are almost exclusively distributed to the musicians.  The only non-personnel expenses are for the purchase and/or rental of music, and on occasion, the rental of equipment that might be required to present a specific work.  You will not be charged for any costs involved with managing the orchestra, and since Aternus does not function as a charity, you will not be charged any overhead to cover the on-going existence of the ensemble.


Here are two examples of what an Aternus concert might cost:

Aternus as a string orchestra (approximately 12-14 players) – $6,000-7,500

Aternus as a chamber orchestra (approximately 28-30 players) – $12,000-15,000

The cost of having a soloist is not included in either of the examples, and the ranges do not factor in travel, food or housing costs for the Aternus musicians.  Programs requiring more rehearsal time would be more expensive.  Aternus ensembles can be smaller or much larger.  Each situation is unique, and you should contact Larry Alan Smith, the Artistic Director of Aternus, to discuss your needs.


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